Best Time to Buy a Laptop, Tablet or Desktop Computer

Best Time to Buy a Laptop, Tablet or Desktop Computer


Save big when you buy your new computer at the best time of year, best time of the month and best day of the week.  Don't pay more for your laptop, desktop or tablet PC with these tips.  First, several factors contribute to the price of computers with the most significant being supply and demand.  Many manufacturers release new products in March/April and particularly in September/October just in time for the holidays. This can result in the highest prices for new models. However, this also means a significant drop in price on “close-out” models.

Best Time of Year to Shop for Computers.  It may not surprise you that the best time to buy a new computer or laptop is between January and February each year. Reason; retailers are unloading surplus inventory. If you get an early tax return and need new technology it’s typically a buyers’ market. In March and April things start to increase as many manufacturers introduce new processors and products. You can capitalize on great deals during this time buying overstocked and discontinued models.

April and May many people start buying technology for graduation gifts. Buying a laptop for a student who will be attending college in the fall?  Save money on software like Microsoft Office as some colleges provide it free. Check with your prospective student or college to be sure.

Prices on laptops and computers are usually high June thru August as retailers capitalize on back to school shopping. September through October prices on computers can be at their highest usually because new models are introduced.

November through December prices on some items drop. Usually starting with “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” retailers go into overdrive trying to move inventory or risk being stuck with it into the coming year. Shop early and wisely if shopping for gifts to prevent impulse buying.

Best Time of the Month to Buy a New Computer. Many retailers will reduce prices to move inventory the last 10-12 business days of the month.

Best Day of the Week to Buy a New Computer. There are differing opinions about the best day of the week to buy a new computer. Some say Monday is best day to buy a computer because retailers release rebates on Mondays. However, we find Friday is a great day to shop. Reason; many retailers push sales for the weekend and start them Friday evening to get an edge over competitors. Shop early Friday or Saturday while supplies are best.

How to get the best deal whenever you shop:

* Do your homework and comparison shop.

* Look for coupons, special offers and rebates.Best Place to Buy Computer

* Look or overstocked or discontinued models.

* Refurbished computers can be great we recommend getting a warranty.

* Read reviews to help narrow your search.

* Check your vendor for the item you want on Monday and watch for price changes each day. You could also contact them directly and ask them if they are planning a sale on the particular item you want.

We hope this helps you save on your new tech and thanks for visiting the Best Tech Resource.